Witney Vikings Youth Football Club


It all started in 1975 when Latin was the pre-eminent language of the common man…

Mira res est blandus, sed multo maior voluptas ludendi!

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Winning is a wonderful thing, but the pleasure of playing is much greater!

The following are some of the other inspirational comments that were made on the pitch in those good old days

Humilitas occidit superbiam!

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Humility conquers pride!

Audere est faucere!

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To dare is to do!

Est canis cacas in picem!

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There is dog poo on the pitch!

referendarius eget specula!

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The referee needs glasses!

Not much has been kept from the early days of the club but here is a programme from the days when the Under 11 and Under 13 teams were so good that you had to pay 30p to see them!

It turns out that we had a girls’ team in the early 1990s. They had to travel around the country to get a game. The team photo was taken at a tournament hosted by Summertown in 1991. The trophy was one that was presented to each of the players at the end of the 1992/93 season. 

True pioneers!

And here is something we found at the back of the container at Burwell, apparently a relic from the Chairman’s playing days:

Found in the Burwell Container

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As you can see, we don’t have a lot of information about our history. If you are able to help us by providing any pictures or great stories from our past, please get in touch via our general enquiries form: