Witney Vikings Youth Football Club

Burwell Meadow

How to get there

Burwell Meadow is found at the following address:

Thorney Leys
OX28 5NP

Burwell Meadow is a dog friendly area with a children’s park. There is no café at Burwell Meadow so you might like to bring along your own flask of tea or coffee. Toilet facilities for the players can be found by going through the door directly behind the equipment container.


There is some parking at Burwell Hall but please don’t use the spaces that are clearly marked as Private. On busy match days, you may need to park along the edge of the Thorney Leys or Burwell Meadow roads. Please consider the residents when parking along these roads as we have received many complaints about inconsiderate parking.

We politely request that:

  • Our players and parents, who live locally, cycle or walk to the pitches where possible.
  • All teams, both home and away, car share where possible, which should be an attractive option with the current price of fuel.

General rules for parking on public roads can be seen by clicking this button:

The Pitches at Burwell Meadow

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